Wellion LUNA Uric Acid Teststrips

Wellion LUNA Uric Acid Teststrips

For measuring from the drop of blood from the fingertip
Wellion LUNA Teststrips UA – for uric acid measurement
A Wellion LUNA test strip is a high-tech product. The test strip consists of different layers into which electrodes are incorporated in a complex process. In this measurement, current is generated which is converted by the measuring instrument into a corresponding uric acid value and displayed on the display. In uric acid measurement, the AUTO CODING technology facilitates handling.
We made a conscious decision to produce the Wellion LUNA test strips in a manageable size, making it easy and safe to remove from the can and insert it into the device. 
The end at which blood is drawn into the reaction zone of the strip using the Sip-in technology is far enough away from the meter by the dimension of the strip to prevent contamination with blood. For use with the Wellion LUNA Trio blood glucose meter.
Packaging unit: 10 pieces

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