Wondfo 2019nCoV Antigen Test
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Wondfo 2019nCoV Antigen Test Lateral Flow Method

ANTIGEN Rapid Test

shows acute infection in only 15 min

The Wondfo 2019nCoV Antigen Test Lateral Flow Method Rapid Test is used to detect a capsule protein of the virus (=antigen), and can thus make an acute infection at Covid-19 visible. The test is carried out by taking a sample from the nasopharynx, and medical personnel evaluate the test in just 15 minutes.   The test is suitable for symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals and   can also be performed on the move without the need for laboratory   equipment. It is ideal for screening people who have been in contact   with people infected with SARS-Cov-2 or people working in a high-risk   environment.
The Wondfo 2019nCoV Antigen Test Lateral Flow Method is on the EU Rapid Antigen Tests list: HSC common list (RAT) - page 26.

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- Capsule protein of the virus (= antigen) qualitatively detected by immunoassay
- Sampling from the nasal/pharyngeal cavity with the aid of a stick
- No analyser required
- can be used anywhere - used by medical personnel
- Advantage: Acute infection visible
- Rapid results in only 15 minutes
- Suitable for symptomatic and asymptomatic patients
- Screening of people who have been in contact with people infected with SARS-CoV-2
- Screening of people working in a high-risk environment (hospital, nursing home, pharmacy staff)
Functionality: When there is sufficient viral      antigen in the sample, it binds to specific antibodies in the test      cassette - a coloured line appears indicating the presence of a protein      that is part of the virus.
Test principle:    chromatographic immunoassay
Sample size:    80 µl
Testing time:    15 minutes
Storage temperature:    2-30°C
Shelf life:    24 months
Specificity:    99,72%
Sensitivity:   98,11%
Total agreement:  99,13%
Package size:    20 tests

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