Why is home-monitoring of blood glucose important?

Why is home-monitoring of blood glucose important?

Blood glucose of animals can be influenced by various factors.
The stress level of cats increases quickly under unusual situations like transport to the veterinarian or medical examinations. Stress-induced hyperglycemia is detected by high blood glucose levels. Therefore the diagnosis of diabetes cannot be made by just one single elevated blood glucose value.
Elevated blood glucose levels in dogs and cats can also occur together with diverse concomitant conditions like other hormonal diseases, chronic inflammation of the pancreas, some tumors, after traumas, neurological diseases or through some medication like e.g. longterm administration of glucocorticoids.
When performing the blood glucose test of your pet at home under relaxed usual conditions, the results are much more reliable and cause less stress for the pet and the owner.
In order to be able to control the disease you have to check the blood sugar level on a regular base. These test results will lead from time to time to an adjustment of the treatment plan of your pet. The accurate results of the WellionVet blood measurement device are perfectly suitable for the evaluation through the veterinarian.

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Active dealing with diabetes, blood glucose monitoring at home under usual conditions and the competent care of your veterinarian contribute to a successful management of diabetes of your pet.

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