Optimization of the herd management

Optimization of the herd management

Regular monitoring of the energy metabolism of dairy cows pays off!

A regular and complete check of all cows after calving is important, to detect subclinical ketosis at an early stage, to take immediate measures and therefore to achieve a higher output.
Regular testing of the ketone concentration of all cows after calving is the base of a successful monitoring of the energy metabolism!
Optimized herd monitoring through multiple testing of every cow in the first 3 weeks after calving. Test at least 2 times per week to guarantee the optimal economic success for your herd. Repeated measurements increase the probability to detect subclinical ketotic animals rapidly.
A proactive herd monitoring program is an important and valuable tool: routine screening of every cow after calving for premature detection of
- herd problems as well as single animal problems during early lactation
- and taking measures in-time and initiating improvements in herd management!
Improvement of herd health, animal welfare and performance!

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