Subclinical Ketosis

SUBCLINICAL KETOSIS - an invisible economic loss!

The subclinical ketosis is "invisible" and can only be detected by the measurement of the ketone bodies. The characteristics:
- Increased concentration of ketone bodies in blood
- No visible symptoms of a disease
- But already decreased performance, fertility disorders and increased risk for other diseases!
The production performance can therefore be decreased without any externally apparent symptoms of the animal!
Every third dairy cow is affected by subclinical ketosis during early lactation! With severe consequences:
- Decreased milk production
- Impaired reproductive performance
- Increased risk of displaced abomasum
- Impairment of the immune system – higher risk of infectious diseases
- Increased odds of claw diseases
- Increased risk of early culling – total loss of the animal
- Higher risk of clinical ketosis: considerably higher economic losses!
Subclinical ketosis is more common than clinical ketosis and therefore in total responsible for a much higher loss of earnings! The disease remains undetected if ketones are not measured. Therefore dairy cows should be monitored routinely for subclinical ketosis!

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