Blood Sampling

Blood Sampling

Diabetics use the lateral sides of the fingertips to get a blood sample. Blood circulation is fine there and it is easy to get enough blood.
Avoid the middle part of the fingertips as pricking there is very painful due to the high density of sensitive receptors.
Patients should consider the following topics to reduce problems with finger pricking:

  • Hands should be thoroughly washed with warm water and soap and then dried. Beside the cleaning effect blood circulation is improved. Disinfection is not needed – alcohol residues could lead to wrong result.  

  • The lateral sides of the fingertips should be punctured to avoid pain – in the middle part of the fingertips are more sensitive receptors. Avoid to puncture the nail bed which could lead to inflammations.  

  • Replace the lancet every time after using it once – the needle will lose its sharp cut tip or could be bent. This will lead to more pain and will damage the skin. The danger of infections and inflammations through bacteria or viruses is increased.

  • Use thin lancets (there are lancets available with a diameter of only 0.2mm) to reduce the pain when puncturing. As the size of the blood sample is depending from the depth of the puncture and not from the diameter of the lancet a blood drop of sufficient size is produced. Modern blood glucose meters only need very small blood samples.  

  • Use different fingers for pricking – some people do not like to use the small finger or the thumb for getting a blood sample.

  • If possible use fingers of both hands to get a blood sample.

  • Try to find your optimal depth for puncture: maybe you do not have to prick very deep to get an appropriate blood sample. You can also press gently the arm or finger towards the end, shake the arm or let it hang down to improve process of blood sampling. Avoid pressing the finger to produce a blood drop.  

  • Press lancing device tightly to the lateral side of the fingertip and then release the button.

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