As every blood glucose value represents just a snap-shot it is useful to create a daily profile for several results per day. Self monitoring of blood glucose only makes sense if consequences are taken.
It is important to write down test results in a diary. This documentation is the background for the physician and the diabetes team to adjust the diabetes therapy, stores information regarding certain special situations and helps recognizing intra-daily fluctuations.
Keep your diary regularely and correctly. If not noted results will be forgotten and are lost for ever.   

Dokumentation:  (© )
Dokumentation:  (© )

How to keep record:

  • Blood glucose value with date and time
  • Intake of food (BE)
  • Intake of insulin
  • Special situations like sports, hypoglycaemia, stress, diseases, etc.

With help of a personal computer the diabetes therapy gets even easier. An appropriate software helps to create an accurate documentation about therapy. Modern technique assists you in your diabetes therapy.
For most of the blood glucose monitoring systems data management systems are available. Special cables help to download data from your blood glucose meter to evaluate in it by means of your PC.

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