oxygen saturation and pulse rate measurement
quick and accurate


    Reliably measure oxygen saturation and pulse rate

    Detect oxygen deficiency at an early stage


    The Wellion PULSE-OXIMETER is used to measure oxygen saturation and pulse rate through the finger, so that an oxygen deficiency can be detected at an early stage. In addition, the perfusion index is displayed. Optimal for people with respiratory diseases, heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, covid-19 and bronchial asthma. The Wellion pulse oximeter is small and light and can therefore be used in the family environment, health care as well as on the road, during activities at high altitudes (up to approx. 3000 m above sea level / 700 hPa), in sports medicine.


    Comfortable finger clip, non-invasive (painless)

    Compact and lightweight

    easy handling - insert finger and the measurement starts by itself

    Colour display with graphic visualisation

    Operating instructions

    1. Insert a finger as far as possible into the rubberised finger slot of the Wellion PULSE-OXIMETER (with the nail pointing upwards) before releasing the clamp. The measurement will start automatically after a few seconds. Your finger should remain still (not tremble) during the measurement.

    2. Oxygen saturation and pulse rate are directly displayed on the rotatable colour display.

    Oxygen saturation indicates what percentage of the total haemoglobin Hb in the blood is enriched with oxygen. In healthy people, oxygen saturation is in the range of ≥ 94%. Many factors can lower the oxygen saturation in human blood and lead to problems in oxygen supply:


    • Respiratory diseases

    • Malfunctions of self-regulation caused by anaesthesia,

    • trauma resulting from a major operation, and

    • some medical examinations

    As a result, patients may experience symptoms such as migraine, nausea and loss of strength. Therefore, it is very important to know the oxygen saturation in time.

    The perfusion index shows the blood flow value of your finger.



    • Measurement of oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (PR) and perfusion index (PI)

    • Self-start after a few seconds or press the button on the front once

    • Change of display mode (by rotation)

    • Press and hold the button to change the brightness of the colour display (5 brightness levels)

    • Automatic switch-off after 5 seconds of inactivity

    • Strap and batteries included


    The product is not suitable for continuous monitoring of parameters. It can be used before or after exercise - it is not recommended during exercise. The measurement results can be influenced by external dyes (such as nail polish, coloured skin care products, etc.).