Analisador Wellion CLEVER HbA1c
Determinação automatizada de HbA1c na qualidade de laboratório
Apenas 1 passo - resultado em 5 min

    Wellion CLEVER HbA1c-Analyzer

    Automated HbA1c determination in only 1 step and 5 minutes - optimal for high test frequencies

    Determine HbA1c in laboratory quality in only 1 step!


    The Wellion CLEVER HbA1c Analyser automates HbA1c determination in doctors' offices, pharmacies and medical facilities with high test frequency (approved for HbA1c measurement by healthcare professionals). Select one of 12 languages (or Silent) for the announcement of the accompanying texts during the measurement.  The Wellion CLEVER test kit can be stored at room temperature and contains sampler, test strips and buffer solution for 25 tests.

    You only apply the blood - the analyzer does the rest for you. With only 3 μl of blood and in just 5 minutes, the Wellion HbA1c analyser automatically determines HbA1c. You can immediately discuss the result with your clients and quickly make therapy adjustments. Save time-consuming follow-up phone calls, another appointment and administrative work.


    Clever advantages

    • Automated and rapid determination of HbA1c in laboratory quality

    • One step: you only have to apply the sample

    • Optimal for all medical facilities with high test frequency

    • Optional language function in 12 different languages

    • Decide today: Result can be discussed immediately and on site with clients, saving additional phone calls/appointments

    • Voice function can reduce errors and optimise test procedure

    • Barcode scanning for operator ID and patient ID possible, stored in memory with the result

    • All test kit components can be stored at room temperature - no refrigerator required

    • Only 1 buffer kit instead of 25 cartridges. Saves resources, time and money

    • The instant result enables a quick and joint situation analysis with individual therapy adjustment


    Target and limit values1,2
    No diabetes mellitus: <5.7% (39 mmol/mol)
    Increased risk of diabetes: ≥5.7% to ≤6.4% (39 to 46 mmol/mol)
    Manifest diabetes mellitus: ≥6.5% (48 mmol/mol)
    Target values for people with diabetes: 6.5% to 8% (48 to 64 mmol/mol), depending on type, severity, duration and treatment of the disease


    Further functions

    • Automatic storage of results, date and time, incl. scanned operator ID and patient ID

    • Memory capacity = 1000 measurements

    • Bluetooth function for data management

    • Quality control test module incl. automatic evaluation (PASS/FAIL)

    • Accompanying language function in the selectable languages German, English, French, Czech, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian, Slovak, Swedish, Bulgarian and Croatian

    Colour: Black-grey
    Screen size: 94 x 80 mm
    Dimensions: 250 x 195 x 100 mm
    Weight: 1,2 kg
    Measuring range: 4,0% - 14,0% (20 - 130mmol/mol)
    Measuring time: 5 minutes
    Sample volume: ~3µl, capillary blood or venous blood (EDTA anticoagulated)
    Calibration: Calibrated by code chip; no additional calibration required during use
    Measuring principle: Boronate affinity chromatography
    Printer: Thermal printer available separately
    Connections: RS232 / Type-B USB / Mini USB / DC5V,2A
    Wireless transmission: Bluetooth
    IFCC: Certified HbA1c analysis system with traceability to the IFCC reference method.
    NGSP: Certified HbA1c analysis system with traceability to the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) reference method.

    The Wellion CLEVER HbA1c analyser can be connected to an LIS (laboratory information system) or HIS (hospital information system) for data management purposes.

    1. HbA1c measurement units are %NGSP or mmol/mol (IFCC).
        Conversion HbA1c %NGSP - mmol/mol: HBA1c(%)-NSGP = (0.09148*HBA1c[mmol/mol]) + 2.152
        NGSP = National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program
        IFCC = International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
    2. Österreichische Diabetesgesellschaft: Leitlinien für die Praxis 2012.

    The Wellion CLEVER HbA1c analyser is approved for HbA1c measurement by healthcare professionals, enabling reliable and rapid HbA1c measurement in all medical facilities, doctors' surgeries and pharmacies.


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