Wellion Infrarot Stirn- und Ohr-Thermometer zur Messung der menschlichen Körpertemperatur für das Ohr oder die Stirn

Wellion Infrared Forehead and Ear Thermometer
Contactless infrared measurement of body temperature

    Wellion infrared forehead and ear thermometer

    contactless measurement on the forehead

    Quick and easy temperature measurement on ear and forehead

    Wellion infrared thermometers are used to quickly and easily measure body temperature in the ear and forehead. Every body part radiates heat in the form of infrared rays. Ear thermometers measure these rays in the ear canal at the eardrum, as the temperature there is most similar to the temperature in the body. The measurement of the body temperature at the forehead can be done contactless (with a distance of up to 5mm in the middle of the forehead).


    The Wellion Infrared Thermometer displays the temperature in color to indicate whether the measured temperature is within the normal range or how much it is elevated.

    • < 34°C, "LO" is displayed with a red background.
    • 34°C - 37.1°C, means that the body temperature is normal. This is also indicated by a green backlight.
    • 37.2°C and 38.1°C, means that you have a slight fever. This is indicated by an orange backlight.
    • 38.2° and 43°C, means that you have a fever. This is indicated by red backlighting.
    • > 43°C, red backlighting and "HI" are displayed simultaneously.

    Recommendation: This function is for reference only.


    Further functions

    • the last 9 measured values can be viewed in the memory    
    • Conversion from degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit possible    
    • Practical and economical design that does not require the use of a separate protective cap, thus saving costs     
    • Sound can be switched on and off
    • automatic switch-off of the device after 30 seconds of non-use


    2 pieces 1,5V AAA batteries
    Colour: white   
    Dimensions: 31x175x72mm
    Weight: about 77g (without batteries)
    Measuring range: 34.0°C to 43.0°C
    Object temperature: 0 - 93.2°C